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Welcome to the Friendly Yorkie Forum!
Yorkie Hub is a friendly environment of like-minded Yorkie Lovers who are interested in sharing, learning and promoting the purebred Yorkshire Terrier.

We are looking for members who are interested in learning and offering guidance to others.  Our members consist of loving pet owners who enjoy the company of their yorkies and who may be interested in or already actively involved in conformation, agility, obedience, earthdog and other canine sports with their yorkies.

Please take a peek at our forum and read our rules and regulations before registering.
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A little about Yorkie Hub
Yorkie Hub was started to bring together like-minded enthusiasts of the Yorkshire Terrier breed. This group is for Yorkshire Terrier fanciers to talk about their yorkies and to learn more about health, genetics, standard and the sports of purebred dogs.
A Special Note for Breeders and Exhibitors:
Members are here to share their experiences and knowledge. Equal respect will be given to those that are new to the sport and those with experience.  Unlike other yorkie "forums" exhibitors and breeders who truly value the breed will be respected just like other members.
We do not condone...
* mixing of breeds
* purposeful breeding of "off-colored" yorkies
* breeding for "teacups"
There is a "no tolerance" policy for these behaviors or the promotion of them, and are grounds for immediate removal from Yorkie Hub.
We support the Yorkshire Terrier as a purebred dog and breeders who are looking to better the health of the breed and conform to the breed standard approved by the YTCA. We welcome with open arms those that are active in the canine sports or sincerely looking into joining.
The Yorkshire terrier is a versatile breed and excels in several areas including obedience and agility. To ensure that Yorkie Hub is able to hold true to our mission we have a few easy rules to follow.
Visit Rules & Regulations page to learn more. Contact Admin at admin@yorkiehub.com if you have any questions.
Spammers are not welcome and will be deleted and ignored.
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